Hi there and welcome to the Jenny Black Osteopathy blog page.

This page will set out to provide information about the fascinating field of Osteopathic Medicine, and also some insights and self help strategies that I hope will enable my readers to take some control of their healing from a wide range of conditions that I treat daily as an Osteopath. 

But firstly, I should introduce myself. My name is Jenny Black and I have been working as an Osteopath and Naturopath since 2000. I have worked in a variety of settings, initially as an associate Osteopath within other practices and later in my own practice which was based in Wolverhampton and in the GP surgery in Henley in Arden. I now run my practice from my home in Dorridge, Solihull since becoming a single mum to my three beautiful children, Sam (9), Amy (7) and Charlotte (5). This is great because it not only allows me to operate a family run practice that can fit around the children, but for my patients it means I am really flexible - the need for which I can obviously fully understand!

I became interested in Osteopathy following the amazing treatment my mother had from an Osteopath. She had been struggling with debilitating low back pain for many years and had been told that surgery was her only option to achieve a pain free life. In desperation she sought the help of a local osteopath and within a few weeks was pain free and getting on with raising us pesky kids again! I was very interested in what was so different about this new treatment she had received and this, coupled with a long standing (almost obsessive!) interest in all things medical was what led me to make the decision to apply for the four year degree course that got me where I am today. Since qualifying I have broadened my treatment scope with the addition of cranial osteopathy and am currently in the process of studying the application of acupuncture for pain management. 

Mum’s story is actually one I hear over and over, of how people get to the end of quite lengthy investigation procedures and are faced with very limited treatment options, finally coming to see me as a “last resort”. Often the unique approach of Osteopathic treatment is able to not only resolve the problem in a relatively short space of time, but by careful attention to educating the patient about the causes of the problem and its maintaining factors, we can prevent it from returning as well. The purpose of this blog is to help with that side of my practice by providing some of this information even when people haven't visited the practice personally. Existing patients will also be able to access further information about the causes of their problems between treatments - after all, knowledge is power!

I hope that as I build my blog, I will also be able to broaden the understanding of my readers of what it is an Osteopath actually does, what kinds of things we can treat and how we do it. I welcome any comments or questions from readers either on my blog itself or if you prefer, through private email or by telephone. I’ll always aim to have an answer for you sometime the same day, and if I don't know, I’ll admit it and point you in the right direction!

Posted on August 11, 2014 .