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What you can expect on your first visit...


A detailed case history will be taken and as with your GP, all information you disclose is dealt with in the strictest of confidence.


An examination will then be carried out in which you will be asked to perform a few simple movements and in some cases further testing such as blood pressure, reflexes and orthopaedic testing may be done.


A diagnosis will then be made and discussed with you before treatment. Treatment is then included in the first consultation, provided that this is appropriate and that no onward referral to a more appropriate health care setting is warranted.


If further diagnostic tests are required prior to treatment, such as X-rays, MRI or blood tests this will be explained to you and a referral letter will be sent to your GP or we can help you to arrange them privately if you prefer.

Please note that as the area that is being examined needs to be visible, you will be asked to undress to a certain degree. Please wear fairly light, loose comfortable clothing as tight, thick clothing isn't suitable for examination or treatment. A pair of shorts and a vest style top is ideal.